Sleep Calculator:
What is my sleep efficiency?

Please answer the 7 questions below to determine your sleep efficiency. Sleep efficiency is the total time you spend asleep in a night compared to the total time spent in the bed. For example, if you spent 8 hours in bed but only slept for 4 hours, then your sleep efficiency is 50%. The closest to 100%, the healthier your sleep.

At what time did you get in bed?

At what time did you try to go to sleep?

At about what time did you actually fall asleep?

How many times did you wake up during the night?

All together in minutes about how long did your awakenings last?

What was the last time that you woke up at?

At what time did you get out of bed?

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What is my Sleep Efficiency?
Your Sleep Efficiency Results
Your total time spent in bed: 675 minutes..
Your total time spent awake in bed: 240 minutes.
Your total time spent asleep: 435 minutes.
Your sleep efficiency: 64%.

≥ 85%

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≤ 64%

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