Is your hotel investing in your sleep?

Sleep management is a hot new thing in hotels today. Sleep management is a step by step process that hotels that care about the quality of your sleep take into consideration in the design of the room, the room environment, and other amenities.

Bed Amenities

  • Choice of pillows

Room Environment

  • Supplementary services such as “turn down” service

Room Design

  • Blackout curtains

If you’re like most hotel guests, whether business or vacation travelers, you know that the quality of your sleep is related to your satisfaction as a guest and likelihood to return or recommend the hotel to others. In a research study, it was found that bed amenities were more important than room environment and that room environment was more important room design. How about for you?

Look for hotels that promote high quality sleep as one of the benefits of staying and sleeping at their hotel. As an example, Six Senses is a hotel company that focuses on the quality of sleep among their guests. They even have a Sleep with Six Sense program with resident Sleep Ambassadors.