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Complementary Sleep Wellness Organizational Audit

Contact us for a complementary audit of how sleep wellness is integrated into your existing wellness program, EAP, and other training programs. You will receive a customized report of the strengths of your existing sleep wellness coverage and recommendations for improved effectiveness, efficiency and lower costs.


Contact us to schedule a time for us to review your current policies to asses what degree your EAP, Workplace Wellness, Worker’s Compensation, and/or Occupational Safety & Health program integrates sleep, fatigue management and smart scheduling.

After identifying your strengths and weaknesses, we shall collaborate with you to create new polices or modify existing policies. Beyond your policies, we shall partner on developing recommendations to weave sleep health, fatigue management and smart scheduling into your existing programs.

If you need guidance and support in the design, communication, delivery and evaluation of your sleep wellness, fatigue management, and smart scheduling programs, we are here to help.

Other Service Offerings

Contact us to benchmark your company against the best practices of the Most Sleep Friendly Companies such as NASA, Google and Zappos.

Smart scheduling is syncing the chronotype of your employees with mission critical tasks they perform. Competence is more than what you do and how you do it. It also matters WHEN you do it. Contact us to learn more about our Chronotype Worker Assessment and Syncing Analysis to align the right tasks with the right workers for the right reasons and at the RIGHT times.

Contact us to schedule Dr. Marty Martin to deliver a customized speech at your next company or association meeting focusing on the sleep, schedule and performance connection.


Contact us to schedule Dr. Marty Martin to customize a learning experience centering around optimizing performance by applying the techniques of elite athletes, special operations and high-profile entertainers.

Our team of sleep experts and business brains brings the science of sleep to your organization through carefully designed sleep programs.

Presentation Options

Sleep for Enhanced Performance, Productivity and Engagement
To boost employee performance, productivity and engagement, invest in the sleep of your leaders and team.

Sleep is the Cornerstone of Performance
Performance requires energy and focus. Sleep enhances your energy and your focus. By learning proven ways to maximize sleep and deliberate rest, this program will result in improved performance, enhanced health, and greater engagement.

The Power of Sleep and Deliberate Rest: Lessons Learned from Elite Athletes and High Performers
Step up your game by offering a learning experience centering on optimizing performance by applying the techniques of elite athletes, special operations and high-profile entertainers.

Sleep Well to Live Well
To boost employee performance, productivity and engagement, invest in the sleep of your leaders and team.

Health Sleep for Healthy Living
Sleep is the third pillar health with diet and physical activity as the other two pillars. This power packed session will equip your employees with solid tips to sleep soundly. The right amount of high-quality sleep results in enhanced mental, physical and emotional health.

Running on Empty: Deliberate Rest Matters
Life is getting faster and faster. Technology is always on. The key to sustained health, well-being and high performance is to engage in deliberate rest. Learn how to implement quick, practical techniques to engage in deliberate rest and recover before you run on empty.

Peak Performance: Timing Matters
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Scheduling as If Performance Matters: Optimizing Your Biological Clock
Leaders and managers will be equipped with lessons learned on how to sync schedules with key work activities to leverage performance. Timing matters.

Sync Your Work with Your Biological Best
High performers are not only talented, experienced and engaged but they know WHEN the optimal time to engage in certain tasks to bring more energy, effort and focus to work.

Understanding Sleepiness and Fatigue: Corrosive to Individual Health and Organizational Effectiveness
Being awake is not enough! Recognize the contributing factors to workplace sleepiness and fatigue and mitigate the performance, health, safety, and liability risks.

Turning Burnout Upside Down: The Impact of Sleep Deprivation, Fatigue and Cruel Schedules
Burnout among healthcare professionals is at record high levels. The EHR is not the sole culprit. Lack of attention to cruel work schedules and corrosive cultures which confuse sleepiness and fatigue with high performance are also to blame. In this workshop, a focus on resiliency will be balanced with creating a workplace in which healthcare professionals do not need to be as resilient because the stressors are decreased.

Any of these presentations can be delivered in person as a lunch and learn or even a half-day or full day workshop. These presentations can be delivered as a webinar.
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Dr. Marty Martin

Dt. Marty Martin, the principle consultant for Zesty Sleep, knows the science of sleep, but also knows sleep as it relates to business. He has a Master’s in Behavioral Sleep Medicine, is a former fellow at the National Institutes for Occupational Safety & Health, has served as VP of HR, and has led wellness programs at AT&T and Xavier University of Louisiana.

He brings a unique mix of experience to his work on performance and organizational enhancement leveraging the science of sports psychology, circadian biology, and behavioral finance. Being 100% focused on sleep he helps companies maximize the effectiveness of their own health initiatives by addressing the missing pillar of sleep health. His work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and The Washington Post.

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