Adults Can Benefit from Back to School Tips

Are you in the midst of trying to get our school age children back in the school schedule swing?

You know the importance of adequate and quality sleep for your children to perform in school. A sleepy child will not be at their best. A sleep child will miss key moments in the classroom. A chronically sleepy child will more than likely have bad grades.

What about a chronically sleep adult? You too will suffer. Your performance will suffer. Your health will suffer. Try out these child and adult friendly sleep tips:

  • Stick to a consistent sleep schedule Sunday through Sunday.
  • Ditch those devices in the bedroom.
  • Engage in a wind down ritual before throwing yourself into the bed expecting that you will fall to sleep in an instant.
  • Challenge yourself to fall asleep naturally rather than relying upon drugs of all types (unless prescribed by a healthcare practitioner).
  • Try not being a hypocrite and tell your children one thing about sleep while you do the exact opposite.