6 Napping Tips for Peak Performance

  1. Limit naps to 30 minutes. This keeps you from waking up in a fog. Why? You stay in a light stage of sleep.
  2. If time permits, extend naps to 90 minutes. This allows you to benefit from one full sleep cycle.
  3. If you work and sleep during the evenings, an ideal afternoon nap takes place around 3 p.m. because of our tendency to become sleepy around this time.
  4. Don’t nap too closely to your usual bedtime. Keep at least 6 hours between your nap and bedtime.
  5. Limit light and distractions by napping in a dark room with electronics or alerts shut off.
  6. If you regularly need to nap, consider your sleeping habits and quality and duration of your current sleeping schedule.

Adapted: Dignity Health